AHHA CC&Rs and Bylaws

Commons Special Use Form & Rules

General Concerns or Rules violations

Please contact us by email to: or by completing an Report of Condition.

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Board Policy
Developing Board Policy
Scope of Work
Maintenance Scope of Work
Amenities Mission
Amenities Committee Mission Statement
Board Policy 07-01
Special Use of Commons
Rule 07-01(r) & 02
Late Dues Fine & ARC Approval
Rule 07-03
Motorized Vehicles in the commons
Rule 08-02
Commons Etiquette
Rule 08-03
Conflict Resolution Hearings
Exhibit A 08-03 (R)
Conflict Steps
Exhibit B 08-03
Report of Condition
Rule 08-04
CC&R Violation Penalties
Exhibit A Rule 08-04
Schedule of Fines
Rule 08-05
Home Occupation
Exhibit A Rule 08-05
Home Occupation defined
Rule 08-06
Home set back
Exhibit A Rule 08-06
Home set back defined
Rule 09-01
Collection Resolution
Policy 10-01 Fencing
AHHA fencing policy
Board Policy 11-01
Solar Resolution
Rule 13-01
Use of Streets and Construction Conduct
Board Policy 13-02
Abiqua Heights Sign Policy
Lot 69 Resolution
Resolution regarding Lot 69 Assessments
Declarant Resolution
Resolution regarding Declarant and the Abiqua Heights Subdivision
Tree Planting Policy 17-01
Update of Tree Planting Policy
Board Policy 17-02
Use of Artificial Turf