Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

About ARC

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is charged with maintaining the diverse and uniquely natural setting that is Abiqua Heights, basically to preserve what drew us all here. The ARC is to maintain the high level of appearance and quality of the neighborhood by bringing to bear the rules set forth in the CC&R, coupled with common sense and the knowledge that we are all individuals.

The ARC is committed to guidance to the membership as much as maintaining the integrity of the community’s rules and bylaws.

Upcoming Meetings

The next ARC meeting will be April 3, 2018 at 7:00 PM.  The meeting will be held at 1115 Skookum Drive.


All construction projects need ARC approval.

If in doubt please ask the ARC for guidance.

Gardening and Landscaping

The ARC wants everyone to enjoy their yard and gardening efforts while maintaining the integrity of the community. Any activity that changes the very nature of your landscaping needs to receive ARC approval. Trees, hedges, or any significant change to your landscaping needs approval. Annuals and shrubs that are in keeping with the existing landscaping are fine and the ARC encourages homeowners to visit their favorite nursery or hardware store and enhance the neighborhood. If you are in doubt at all about your project please contact the ARC and save yourself and the committee from unnecessary involvement.

Painting and Roofing

Painting, staining, and roof replacement are necessary maintenance efforts. If you are painting or staining the same colors to your home, fence, deck, or other wood structures, the ARC has a policy that pre-approves such work and asks that you please notify the ARC at of your intentions. Any change of color of paint or stain needs to be preapproved by submitting color choices (chips) to the ARC. Now, this same policy applies to re-roofing. If you are going to use the same colors and materials with a minimum 30 year warranty, please notify the ARC at of your intentions. Any change of color or materials needs to be preapproved by the ARC.