The Commons is a great place to hold events – family reunions, birthday parties, weddings,etc. To ensure conflicts with competing events does not happen and to make sure events are known to members, the AHHA has created a form to be used when you plan an event.  The form can be found below.  Please do not hesitate to use the Commons for your event and please remember to use the form.

Commons Special Use Form

The Architectural Review Committee is tasked with maintaining the quality of the neighborhood that has attracted all of its residents.  Please remember that all construction projects need to be approved by the ARC.  All major landscape renovations are in need of approval from the ARC.  If you are unsure of the need for ARC approval please contact the ARC and they will help you through the process.  To aid members with their projects the ARC has created a Project Request Form that is found below.

Project Request Form

Rarely, very rarely a condition in the community requires the mediation of the AHHA Board.  Everyone is best served when members can work through their differences and talking with your neighbor is always best.  However, if a member has a condition that involves a perceived violation of the By-Laws, CC&Rs, Policies and Rules of AHHA, or the condition of AHHA property needing the Board’s attention and no relief is forthcoming the next step is for the member to file a Report of Condition with the Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association Board.  The required form is available below.  Please use the same form if you wish to report a condition involving AHHA neighborhood public property such as the commons, pond, playgrounds/equipment, or infrastructure.

Report of Condition