ARC Approvals for June 2016

Landscaping plan for the front yard at 520 Yapa Drive. Landscaping for 340 Tillicum Drive. Preliminary house construction plans approved for 1115 Skookum Drive. House painting colors for 900 Chikamin Loop. House painting colors for 540 Yapa Drive. A gazebo and a front...

ARC Approvals for May 2016

Lot 131, 500 Yapa. Approval of house colors, roofing, and masonry. Lot 20, 555 Shelokum Dr. A new landscape was approved. Lot 58, 680 Shelokum Dr. Approved a new front door, landscaping, and repair of steps.
April 2016 Planning Meeting Minutes

April 2016 Planning Meeting Minutes

PDF Download Board Planning Meeting Minutes (draft) Silverton Senior Center April 7, 2016 On April 7, 2016, The AHHA Board held a planning meeting at the Silverton Senior Center. All AHHA Board members were present, Steve Barrett, Todd Ferrell, Wayne Trucke, David...