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Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Silverton Senior Center


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Tony Helbling, at 7:00 p.m. Other board members present were David Danskey, Nikkie McIntire and Dave Paul. Steve Barrett was absent.


Minutes for the Board of Directors Meeting held July 15, 2014 were approved as presented.

Treasurers Report
  • $3,000 was paid to Project Delivery Group for pond plans and shown as a Contingency Expense
  • $1,059 to be paid in full for Association Insurance.
  • $50 Paid to Secretary of State for Non-Profit registration
  • $594 Paid to Storage Depot for annual storage space rent
  • $6,000 was transferred from Operating Savings to Operating Checking to cover expenses
  • $1,990 was transferred from Reserve Savings to Operating Checking to reimburse expenses paid from Operating account.
  • The redwood tree replacement will be planted in October if the rains have returned by then.
Committee Reports

Minutes for the meeting of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for August and September were made available to the Board prior to the meeting. Next ARC meeting Date: September 20, 2014, 7:00 PM; at 535 Tillicum Drive. The Welcome Committee reported on the most recent calls to new residents.

Unfinished Business

A. Proposal to determine pond silt level and safe dredging of the pond bottom. The President made several contacts with companies regarding the possible dredging/excavating the pond basin low enough to help resolve the algae problem while maintaining enough of the natural “liner” above the bed rock to prevent undermining the berm. These are some of the suggestions that he received. You may need the services of several specialists:

  1. A surveyor to get the topography/bathymetry of the pond dam.
  2. A hydrologist to understand the surface water flow through the pond.
  3. A hydrogeologist to characterize the groundwater flow pattern around the dam.
  4. A geotechnical engineer to understand the potential impacts to the dam.  Often, geologist also double as hydrogeologists.
  5. A driller to obtain the cores that you need. Typically, the driller works at the direction of the geotechnical engineer.  I was wondering if you could temporarily drain the pond to get access to the sediments.  It might facilitate coring or excavating test pits in the sediments.

As noted at the meeting these services may be rather costly. At this time it was the consensus of the board to explore draining the pond, excavate the silt and cattails and laying down weed mats along the bank to prevent the weeds and cattails from growing. Tony made a motion to contact Stadeli Underground Inc. (who did the last excavation of the pond area) regarding excavation of the pond silt and cattails and ProGrass regarding draining the pond and weed removal. The motion was seconded by Dave Paul and passed 3-1.

B. AHHA Insurance renewal. Tony made a motion to renew the AHHA insurance at the present level of coverage. The motion was seconded by David Danskey and unanimously approved.

C. Lunch Table Replacement Due to the high cost estimates to replace the table near the playground the board decide to table the subject and seek additional cost estimates.

D. Reserve study update. Schwindt and Company to complete a Level III update of Abiqua Heights Reserve Study and Maintenance Plan at a cost of $500.00. The reserve study engagement letter has been received and will be signed and returned.

New Business

A. Member request for a Lease Extension. Tony made a motion to grant a one year extension for the lease of the house at 445 Tillicum Lot 99 with the condition that it be for no more than two years with the same tenant and with yard maintenance being provided by the owner. The motion was seconded by David Danskey and unanimously approved.

B. Arc Minutes. The board made no changes in the present procedures for publishing ARC minutes. ARC will be informed about the suggestions and discussion at the board meeting.

C. Call for Board of Directors Nominations/November elections. The Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, November 18th at which time the members vote to fill vacancies on the board. At this time there are four Board of Director’s term that will expire in December.

Method of Nomination. Candidates for election shall file a petition of candidacy, signed by not less than three (3) members, with the existing Board at least three (3) weeks before the applicable (Annual) meeting. The Board requests that all candidates turn in their petition of candidacy by October 20, 2014 in order to email ballots in a timely manner for member voting. For candidates who are interested please refer to the AHHA Bylaws Article V which lists the Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors.

Candidates are encouraged to submit a short description of their candidacy. This may include responses to three questions: What experience and background do you bring to the Board? Why are you running for the Board? What would you like the Board to do in the future? The response will be limited to one half (1/2) page. Candidates are encouraged to use a common word processing program such as Word, use a font size no smaller than 12.

Tony made a motion that ballots be emailed to the membership for voting. The motion was seconded by Nikkie and unanimously approved.

Also the next two meeting have been changed to the following dates: Tuesday October 21, 2014 and the Annual meeting to Tuesday November 18, 2014.

D. 2015 Budget development. Some options were discussed. The preliminary budget will be approved at the October meeting to be sent out to the membership prior to the November Annual Meeting.

E. Residents maintenance of yards. The board note that several lots have exceeded or about to exceed the time limit for having construction started within 36 months of closing from sale from the declarant. Also installtion of full frontage sidewalks within 24 months. Other concerns were the weed control and keeping empty lots free of debris. At least two homes have an ongoing need for maintenace of front yards (free of weeds and grass in excess of 12 inches). Two homes that are leased have now exceeded the one year requirement of leases requiring board approval.

The above concerns will be addressed by contacts to the appropriate owners.

Adjournment at 8:53 p.m.

Next Meeting: October 21, 7:00 pm
Location: Silverton Senior Center

Board Planning meeting

Respectfully Submitted
/s/ Dave Paul
Dave Paul

Board approved: