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December 15, 2014

My hope is this note finds all the neighbors in Abiqua Heights well and warm this Holiday Season!

The board received a few emails in the last week or so, expressing concerns about a vote on December 16, 2014 to hire a management company. We fear some incomplete information may have been shared with some of our neighbors.

First off, yes, the board is, and has been, exploring the possibility of hiring a management company to assist in the work associated with running our association. The work to manage the association in compliance with the CC&Rs and legal restrictions has increased (see attached list of duties) as our home-sites are now closer to the full point.

Secondly, as the current board finishes the year, we’ve made the conscious decision to NOT make a final determination. We’d like that to be made by the new board next month. You may’ve seen an “Executive Session” planned for Tuesday night. We cannot make decisions during these executive sessions. In this instance, we’re discussing potential contracts being considered. This is a normal and proper way to handle discussion about negotiation of any contracts. If the future board decides to participate in a contract, at the time of the vote, the nature and values associated with that contract are made public. But again, any consideration or negotiation of contracts is a matter for executive session.

Finally, we encourage you to attend the board meeting (as we always have). My personal suspicion is you will be surprised with how the meeting is conducted and with the information made available.

Most importantly, please take some time to wish your neighbors a Happy and Merry Holiday Season – just as do we, from the board, to you, our neighbors!

Tony Helbling
Board of Directors
Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association

Exhibit A – Full Service List