Hello Neighbors!

Fall is upon us and with it, the rain, wind, earlier evenings, a few goblins and blowing leaves! I wanted to take the opportunity to pass along information about ongoing issues.

As always, we need your help with a number of concerns expressed to the board.

Looking around the neighborhood, there are few minor (seen most often and easy to correct) things bumping up against the CC&Rs;

  • Garbage & Recycle containers – when not out for collection, cans need to be stored out of view. This can be in garages, behind fences or behind a small (approved) exterior enclosure. Please take the extra effort to hide them – just takes a few extra seconds.
  • Pets – please keep them leashed in our neighborhood, in The Commons and when walking in adjoining neighborhoods.
  • Street Signs and Lights – please check trees close to street signs don’t block the view of oncoming traffic. The great part of our maturing neighborhood is the trees are growing! But let’s make sure we maintain a high level of safety. If your trees are starting to block the view of a sign, please trim appropriately. As for street lights; those belong to PGE. If you see they are not lighting up at night, let the City or PGE know. They will get someone out to fix them in short order.

As mentioned in previous notes; look out for kids! Especially fast moving kids on skate boards! We’ve got a couple of very popular downhill streets the long boarding crowd seem to love – and it’s perfectly legal for them to be on the street. (Yes – we checked with the City on this.) They move pretty quickly at times and in their youthful exuberance, may exceed their own limits without knowing it. That said, even though you may be completely in the right in the event of an incident or accident, it does not change the fact someone could be very seriously hurt. So please, keep a look out – especially on the few remaining nice afternoons and weekends.

The ponds in The Commons are being reviewed for depth of the silt build up. The Board is still considering the options previously presented and at the same time investigating the recommendation of some neighbors to explore the option of “dredging” the pond to increase depth. We expect the earliest this would occur would be next spring/summer.

Finally – My term as Board President is up at the end of December, and I won’t be seeking re-election. A sincere thank you to the neighbors for your support these last few years.

Thanks Neighbors!

Tony Helbling
Board President
Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association