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Hello Neighbors!

Spring is upon us and with it – longer days, less rain, more sunshine! All this brings vacation travels, spring cleaning and more kids out playing. We need your help with a number of concerns expressed to the board.

Looking around the neighborhood, there are few minor (seen most often and easy to correct) things bumping up
against the CC&Rs;

  • Garbage & Recycle containers – when not out for collection, cans need to be stored out of view. This can be in garages, behind fences or behind a small (approved) exterior enclosure. Please take the extra effort to hide them – just takes a few extra seconds.
  • Sports Equipment – While in use, can be on a curb/sidewalk but after use, need to be hidden similarly to the garbage cans.
  • RVs – Please remember they may not be parked at or near the residence for more than 24 hours and we can’t store them there.
  • Pets –Are legal and welcome in the neighborhood and we know they get loose from time to time – but please don’t allow them to wander. All pets in the Commons must be leashed to a person. Other folks enjoying the Commons may not be comfortable with loose pets so please – always on a leash. But good news; Silverton has a new dog park over behind the senior center – adjacent to the new skate park – great place to take your dogs! (And one more thing – if you are a pet walker, take a bag with you – enough said!)

Look out for kids! We strongly encourage EVERYONE to be a kid and get out there – especially the real kids. When driving, please respect the 25 mph limit and be able to safely stop before possibly hitting a child chasing a ball into the street. They are young and focused on the thrill of the game – they sometimes forget those basic rules about playing near the street.

As neighbors, young or “experienced” (no one living here is old!), of different backgrounds, educations and philosophies, please remember we make and leave an imprint on those around us. Try to make that imprint positive for everyone. If something is happening with neighbors or kids about which you may have a difference
of opinion, take breath and think for a moment. Ask a clarification question rather than pass instant judgment. In the case of younger neighbors, please think of the lasting imprint of damaging hurtful words. If something is really bothersome, take a breath and maybe contact parents or a board member. We’d be happy to speak with
you. Most of all, let’s be neighborly neighbors!

A great example this positive neighbor spirit was shared in the recent board meeting; it appears there are some elves living on or near Chikamin Drive. After collection on trash day, these elves are secretly moving cans back to garage doors – saving some of our “experienced” neighbors from having to make the trip in the rain. Join the secret Abiqua Elves Brigade! Help a neighbor through a secret act; maybe pick up some blown trash on your morning walk or straighten a tipped over garden gnome. Maybe, just a smile and a “hello” when you are out. It’s these little things that change a group of houses into a great neighborhood, filled with nice neighbors living in wonderful homes.

Finally – watch for notices on a gathering this summer in the Commons. Most likely it will be in conjunction with the July Board Meeting. We’d like to show you the options we’re considering for improvements to pond system and walking paths.

Thanks Neighbors!

Tony Helbling
Board President
Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association