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Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association

Board of Directors / Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Silverton Senior Center

Call to Order – roll call

  • Meeting was called to order by Steve Barrett, at 19:00. Other board members present were Nikkie McIntire and Darren Von Flue. 5 members signed in attendance.

Minutes Passed 3 – 0

  • Minutes for the Board of Directors held in April, 2015 were approved as submitted.

Open Membership Session

  • There has been some positive real estate activity in the neighborhood.
  • Polling the community regarding a management company was suggested again.
  • It was also suggested that the community’s money could be spent in more constructive ways than for a management company.
  • Others pointed out that a management company would bring professionalism, consistency and a degree of separation from past conflict.

Treasurers Report Passed 3 – 0

  • Received two late fees.
  • Dave Danskey passed out April’s spreadsheet “Budget vs. Actual Income and Expense”.
  • Paid out electric, legal, post office and welcome committee checks.

Board Report

  • Some of the vacant lots need to have weed control performed.
  • Larry Black has three homes in the works.
  • Board went into executive session at 8:07 and returned at 8:14.
  • A management company contract was sent to the legal department for review. The board may call a special session after the attorneys respond.

Committee Reports

  • ARC – Will meet on the first Monday of the month until further notice.
  • One maple tree in the neighborhood that was damaged had to be removed.
  • WELCOME – 1 home visit was performed. 1 home sold.

Unfinished Business

  • HOA Management Search:
    1. The board may need a special session after legal reviews a contract.
  • POND – Steps need to be taken to address and fix the inflow pipes. Darren Von Flue will contact Rich Meganck to see if he and other community members could work on a plan to fix this problem and liaison with the city and contractors.

New Business

  • Mike Schwingel volunteered to oversee pond care and maintenance until a more permanent solution presents itself. He asked that other community members come out to be part of the process and learn about the pond.
  • Mike Schwingel is authorized to spend up to $1,500 that is budgeted for pond care and maintenance with board approval.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June, 9th at 19:00
  • Location: Silverton Senior Center