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Board Meeting Minutes

Silverton City Hall
February 17, 2016

On February 17, 2016, The AHHA Board attended a meeting with the City of Silverton Public Works to continue the discussion regarding several storm water issues and the potential to enlarge the small pond. Attending for AHHA were Steve Barrett, Todd Ferrell, Wayne Trucke and Mike Schwingel. AHHA residents,
Jack Conner, Larry Tingwall, and Karen Trucke were present. Representing the City were Paul Eckley and John Cramer. The meeting was held at City Hall. A summary of the meeting appears below.

  • The City has determined that the best first effort to address the backflow and flooding issues of members’ homes is to sever the inflow pipe from the Tillicum side of the Commons and bring the pipe into the small upper pond. The City and AHHA would like the work to be done this summer. It is possible other work might be necessary to fully relieve the flooding if this effort does not completely eliminate the issue.
  • The City indicated that Multi Tech would make calculations to ensure the small pond could handle the inflow of water.
  • The storm water drainage system is designed to function for a twenty-five year event.
  • The City expressed interest in making the project a joint venture with the AHHA by slightly enlarging the small upper pond to include a small rock based stream bed to mitigate the water flow into the upper pond during heavy or extended rainfall periods. The AHHA will likely have some financial responsibility to the project.
  • The City agreed to send a representative to the next regular AHHA Board meeting, March 10, 2016.

After this portion of the meeting the Board stayed in session to address two issues that required immediate attention. Moles that have been present in years past on the western side of the hill have migrated down the hill and onto the berm that protects the houses on the west side of the pond. The Board agreed that the moles needed to be removed before the berm could be damaged.

The second issue was the broken basketball hoop and backboard that came down late Tuesday. The Board agreed to call handyman Cort Fournier to get an assessment of fixing the backboard.

Todd Ferrell
AHHA Secretary