The Annual meeting of the members will be Tuesday, November 18th. Two major orders of business will be the election of the Board of Directors and Board approval of the Association budget for 2015. The approval of the 2015 budget also sets the association dues for next year. Please make a copy of the ballot for your own voting. There are four members of the board who have finished their term of office. Nikkie McIntire will be the continuing board member. Steve Barrett is on the ballot as an incumbent. A new member on the ballot for a board position is Darren Von Flue. There are no provisions for write-in candidates. Please remember there is only one vote for each lot. If you can not attend the meeting please send in your ballot, which also counts for determining the necessary Quorum for an annual meeting. I would remind our members that we need you to get involve to help in administering our association. Thank you.

Dave Paul
AHHA Secretary

Ballot 2014