On Tuesday, January 05, 2016, Board Members Todd Ferrell, Wayne Trucke, and Mike Schwingel met with Silverton’s Public Works Director Paul Eckley, and City Engineer John Cramer at the AHHA Commons. Present at the meeting were several AHHA Members.

Today’s meeting was to review and discuss the current storm water drain infrastructure problems and how those problems affect our HOA Members and our Commons pond.

A summary of the meeting:

  1. The city is responsible for repairing or modifying the storm water infrastructure to correct any problems in controlling the rain water run-off.
  2. There are 4 areas affected: Rain catch basins at specific locations on Tillicum St., Chee Chee Ct., Chikamin Loop, and the Commons Pond. This also includes the pipes carrying the water.
  3. The City will begin to access those four affected areas and develop mitigation plans.
  4. Regarding the Commons Pond location, the AHHA Board will begin to discuss a proposed solution which would help mitigate the Commons Pond storm water problem. This plan would involve partnering with the city through a joint project to both correct the infrastructure issue and protect and promote the natural environment of the two ponds.
  5. The next Board/City meeting will be decided at the January Board Meeting.

An informational review of the storm water drain infrastructure problems will be sent to the Members within the next few weeks. All Members are invited to attend the next Board meeting which will feature a discussion of this topic.

Mike Schwingel
AHHA Board Member