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Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association

Board of Directors / Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Silverton Senior Center

Call to Order – roll call

  • Meeting was called to order by Steve Barrett, at 19:00. Other board members present were Nikkie McIntire and Darren Von Flue. 9 members signed in attendance.

Minutes Passed 3 – 0

  • Minutes for the Board of Directors held in March, 2015 were approved with 1 spelling correction. Roll call was also shortened to exclude the names of several members in attendance.

Open Membership Session

  • A letter was read that called the board to, “Either start involving all of us or resign”.
  • Drivers need to be aware of children in the streets and drive at appropriate speeds.
  • City leash laws need to be observed in the park.
  • Dog droppings should not be left, where they don’t belong.
  • Steve will work on earlier notification of spraying in the park or community at large.
  • The water runoff issues should be fixed and the pond left as is.
  • We should try a management company for a year evaluate their value to our community.
  • We should poll the community before we hire a management company.

Treasurers Report Passed 3 – 0

  • All dues have been collected.
  • Dave Danskey reported that $35,000 was moved from operating into our savings account.
  • Dave Danskey passed out March’s spreadsheet “Budget vs. Actual Income and Expense”.
  • Pro-Grass and Welcome Committee checks signed.

Board Report

  • City to change out one streetlight to another of less wattage. Causing less glare to a neighbor.
  • Zebra and Salem Blue bid converting the house plans to an archival disc at around $1,000.
  • Thank you to the Ferrals and others who helped with the Easter Egg Hunt.

Committee Reports

  • ARC – Next meeting May 11th at the Ewalds
  • Had a good meeting and got a lot accomplished.
  • The “memorial tree” request should be handled by the board and be in line with the master plan. Steve will look into it.
  • WELCOME – 2 good visits with new owners. 1 visit is coming up and 1 home sold recently.

Unfinished Business

  • HOA Management Search:
    1. Steve contacted several other management companies.
    2. The board may need an executive session in the future to discuss management company needs.
    3. Any final decisions would be made in open session.
  • POND – No pole was taken but the general consensus was that the inflow problem needs to be fixed regardless of whatever else is done with the pond in future. Steps need to be taken to address and fix the inflow pipes.
  • Steve will speak with our attorneys to see if there is any liability in hanging onto the homes blueprints.
  • A price of $40 has been negotiated for our meetings at the Senior Center. We will continue meeting there until further notice.

New Business

  • Representatives were present from two management companies. Both report that they manage many similar communities to ours. We have asked for or already have contract proposals from them.
    1. The Management Trust: Works with the community through a “Community Manager” and guides us through that contact. Based in Tigard.
    2. Community Association Partners: A manager would be assigned to the community to guide and assist. Based in Beaverton.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May, 12th at 19:00
  • Location: Silverton Senior Center