Last night after extensive review the AHHA Board decided to enter into an agreement with Affinity Group Inc to provide administrative services to the Board. The Board will continue to oversee and operate the Association. All policy will be set by the Board.

Why has the Board decided to contract these services? Efficiency, expertise, knowledge of laws specific to HOA operations are a few reasons, but there are many others. It has become clear that our HOA needs the assistance that a company such as Affinity can provide. We are an Association of volunteers, but there is a limit to how much volunteers can do. As such we are very unusual in the HOA world. Most associations utilize a company like Affinity Group.

Affinity Group will provide the Association with a number of services including:

  • Financial Management Services
  • Budgeting
  • Election Services
  • Record Retention
  • Landscape Management Services
  • Annual Dues Collection
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • CC&R Compliance Service
  • Real Estate Transaction Services
  • Service Provider Contracting

As you can see, this is extensive list of services. What it is not is an agreement to operate the Association. Rather, Affinity will be providing the Board with administrative assistance.

Very little will change as relates to Homeowner activities. Committees will continue to operate. The Welcome Committee will continue to greet all new Homeowners and provide them with basic information about our community. The Architectural Review Committee will continue to approve all changes to existing homes and approval of proposed new homes. The pond will continue to be monitored by our residents. All Homeowner complaints will be first screened by the Board through its Incident reporting system. Use of the Commons by a Homeowner or group of Homeowners will continue to be approved by the Board. The Board will continue to oversee budgeted expenditures. No Affinity personnel will look for CC&R compliance issues. In fact, Affinity employees will seldom need to be in the community as their work is administrative.

As an organization we have to look ahead and ask, what happens when a resident contributing his/her time moves or don’t want to continue donating time and service? There is inevitably interruption in the task provided. Some tasks are time sensitive. When there is a need for someone with a specific skill, it can be challenging for us to find the right person. That is part of what Affinity will provide.

As a Board it is our obligation to do what we believe is in the best interest of the Association.

We are confident that this action will benefit all in the Association.