The AHHA board would like to thank all the members who volunteered to participate in the community by becoming committee members. The Welcoming Committee has five new members, the Architectural Review Committee has added two new volunteers in the last few months, the Amenities Committee has gone from inactive to active with a total of seven members and there is a new ad hoc Reforestation Committee. The Board is grateful for this response and would be happy to accept more volunteers, please consider adding your name to a committee..

The City was unable to attend the March 10 meeting but plans to help alleviate the flooding in the neighborhood continue to move forward. Presently the most favorable plan calls for moving the inflow water from Tillicum into the small, upper pond. The Board continues to look for solutions that can increase the depth of the big pond to facilitate a healthier pond.

The moles that had migrated down the hill onto the western berm of the pond have been removed.

The basketball backboard could not be repaired. The Board is working on getting bids to install an institutional quality hoop that will last for years. Once a contractor has been selected it will be some time until the basketball court is back in operation as the cement base will need to be jackhammered out and a new base poured. There is a curing time for the new base to make sure it is durable enough to support the new basketball backboard. Once the cement is cured the
hoop will be installed.

The Board would like to remind the members that Spring Recess is here and with daylight savings children will be out and about more. Please remember “kids are kids” and sometimes their judgment is not the best, so we are asking members to slow down a little and take the few extra seconds necessary to make your way home.

The two continuous problems that the Board hears about from the members involve trash containers and dog droppings. Please take in your trash containers. It is really not acceptable to roll them up your driveway and leave them there, they are to be out of sight. Dog scat contains bacteria and possibly harmful parasites…it is not “natural.” Please take a bag with you on your walk and pick up after your k9 friend.

The next Architectural Review Committee meeting is April 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at 365 Tillicum. If you have projects in the works please submit your plans so that your efforts can proceed in a timely fashion.

The AHHA Board has scheduled a Board planning meeting for April 7, 2016 at the Silverton Senior Center.

The next open AHHA Board meeting will be April 14, 2016, 7:00 PM at the Silverton Senior Center.

The Board welcomes your concerns and comments so please feel free to make your thoughts known. Remember–the Board works for you.