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The AHHA board seeks to keep the members informed on what is happening in the community, especially with efforts to alleviate the flooding issues on Chikamin, Chee Chee, and Tillicum. The AHHA board met with the City on Wednesday, February 17, and notes from that meeting can be found on the website.

The important issue for homeowners is that the City is moving forward to work on the issue this summer and they will be sending a representative to the March 10, 2016 AHHA board meeting so please plan to attend.

Spring cleanup in the Commons will begin shortly by Prograss. The Board is working on streamlining its contract with Prograss so the ambiguity of the “menu” is clarified for both parties.

The Board is in the process of working out a contract with Earthworks for the scheduled, regular maintenance of the pond.

Unfortunately, two unplanned issues have arisen since Monday’s meeting. Moles have migrated onto the berm on the west side of the pond and the basketball hoop has fallen. The Board is aware of these problems and is working on remedies.

The response to the last newsletter’s solicitation of volunteers was gratifying. Volunteers came forward for the Welcoming Committee and the new ad hoc Reforestation Committee. The Amenities Committee received enough interest that it is going from inactive to active status. Please consider volunteering for any of the committees. The Board is very interested in revitalizing the Events Committee and the Maintenance Committee and there is always room for additions to the ARC.

Lastly if you have not paid your dues, you need to do so. Late fees will be assessed after March 1, 2016, and no one is happy with charging them or paying them.

The Board welcomes your concerns and comments so please feel free to make your thoughts known. Remember–the Board works for you.