The Abiqua Heights Homeowners Board of Directors wants to inform the members of two events that will take place during the coming week.

First, on the morning of June 1 (Wednesday) Prograss will be spraying the Commons for broadleaf weed control.  The substance to be sprayed is Speedzone.  The Commons will be ”closed” until 1 PM Wednesday so make sure everyone, including pets, stays out of the Commons during this closure.

The second event concerns a Silverton Fire Department training exercise.  On Saturday June 4 the fire department plans to burn down an abandoned house up Eastview, actually for reference for Abiqua Heights residence the fire will be very close to where Tillicum dead ends.  An article in Our Town stated:

On June 4 the Silverton Fire District will be conducting a controlled burn of a (hopefully abandoned) residence up on Eastview Lane. Spokesdude Rick Heuchert says the training fire will be an all day affair featuring “lot’s of flames and smoke” and should be safe….as long as they get the address right…

Thank you for your consideration regarding both events.