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Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association

Board of Directors / Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Silverton Senior Center

Call to Order – roll call

  • Meeting was called to order by Steve Barrett, at 19:00.  Other board members present were Nikkie McIntire and Darren Von Flue.  5 members signed in attendance.

Minutes   Passed 3 – 0

  • Minutes for the Board of Directors held in Febuary, 2015 were approved with 1 spelling correction.

Open Membership Session

  • Pro-Grass has begun spring/summer park maintenance.
  • Steve will call Pro-Grass and remind them of their duties regarding stairs on Shelokum.  They have been neglected at times in the past.

Treasurers Report   Passed 3 – 0

  • Nikkie reported that all but 3 dues have been collected.
  • Dave Danskey reported that $35,000 was moved from checking into our savings account.
  • Dave Danskey passed out February’s spreadsheet “Budget vs. Actual Income and Expense.”

Board Report

  • Park table is assembled and in place.
  • Due to various reasons the Affinity group is the only management company that is still being considered for our community.
  • We are paid through April with the Senior Center for our board meetings.  They would like to raise our minimum rates to $50 a meeting.  We need to decide where we would like to meet after April.

Committee Reports  

  • ARC – 2 new building plans have been submitted and have preliminary approval.
  • What should we do (if anything) with house blueprints that are currently being kept in our storage unit?
  • ARC – Next meeting scheduled for April 13th.
  • Welcoming Committee –  2 homes have sold recently and we are looking forward to greet new members to the community.

Unfinished Business

  • HOA Management Search:
    1. Affinity Group is the only company left out of those originally contacted by the past board that is still under consideration.
    2. Steve is going to get their contract to our legal counsel for any comment or advice they may give.
    3. The board may need an executive session in the future to discuss management company needs.
    4. Any final decisions would be made in open session.
  • What should be done with the pond?
  • Letters and late fees will be sent out to the homes that did not meet the HOA dues collection deadline.

New Business  

  • A request to plant a memorial tree has been submitted to the board for approval.  It was determined that the request should go through ARC and then to the board if necessary.
  • HOA health seminar will be held March 12.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 14th at 19:00
  • Location: Silverton Senior Center