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Board Meeting Minutes

Silverton City Hall
January 29, 2016

On January 29, 2016, The AHHA Board attended a meeting with the City of Silverton Public Works to continue the discussion regarding several storm water issues and the potential to enlarge the small pond. Attending for AHHA were Steve Barrett, Todd Ferrell, Wayne Trucke and Mike Schwingel. AHHA residents Jack Conner and Karen Trucke were present. Representing the City were Paul
Eckley and John Cramer. The meeting was held at City Hall. A summary of the meeting appears below.

  • It was agreed by all present the back pressure in the storm water pipes caused by the intersection of the two pipes in the Commons is a major contributing factor to the flooding issues on Chikamin, Chee Chee, and Tillicum streets.
  • An in depth review was discussed regarding the plan to modify and divert the storm water pipe from Tillicum into the small pond in an effort to relieve this back pressure. Paul and John agree this may be a partial solution to the flooding problem. Other contributing factors beyond the scope of the AHHA, are the catch basins on each street that may need modification and the actual size and paths of the storm drain pipes.
  • In diverting the pipe, several potential issues need to be resolved regarding the small pond’s ability to function with this increased water capacity. Another concern expressed by Paul is the combining of two detention ponds is not preferred because the individual function of each pond may not equal the needed detention.
  • Potential backflow issues with the partial submergence of the current inflow pipe in the lower pond will also be considered.
  • Other concerns expressed regarded ecology, aesthetics, liability, and maintenance was discussed.
  • The agreed decision is to send the combined proposal to be appraised by Marc Grenz at Multitech Engineering. Multitech was the contractor that provided the original engineering and design for our detention pond. Potential increases in the level of the lower pond will be done in six inch increments.
  • Once this review is completed, another meeting with be organized and members notified. The City is not sure this work will be finished before the next AHHA board meeting.

After this portion of the meeting, the Board stayed in session to discuss several topics including Committee organization, the next work to be completed by ProGrass, and next steps to begin to work on individual Board Member concerns. Each Board Member is currently reviewing the itemized list on the ProGrass contract for Board review at the next February 15th meeting.

Todd Ferrell
AHHA Secretary