To the members of Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association and the surrounding Community;

As you may have heard, an assisted living home has opened across from our HOA on East View Street. We were unaware of the facility opening until there was an incident that involved law enforcement on 7/25/15. After the incident, a members relative contacted the member and passed on that there was a facilty on East View. Prior to the incident, there had been no contact with the owners of the facility, Work Unlimited.

There have been rumors circulating since then, and we hope that a meeting will answer the questions that have not been adequately answered publicly. AHHA contacted Work Unlimited and their Executive Director, Wilma Shockman, She and other employees  have agreed to speak with our members. We have offered to facilitate a meeting so that all parties can be informed of the situation.

Usually, we limit our meetings to our members. However, due to the effect on the general public, we will open the meeting to other interested persons. If you know someone that has an interest in this situation, please encourage them to attend. The meeting will be held Monday 8/3/15 @ 7:00 PM in the Commons. Please bring a chair as there is limited bench seating. If you have questions please contact us through our website:


Sincerely, The Board of Directors,

Steve Barrett

Nikkie McIntire

Darren Von Flue